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Level 123 - Chocolate Island - Mario's Hat

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1 Level 123 - Chocolate Island - Mario's Hat on Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:18 am


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Site Owner
World 7: Chocolate Island
Difficulty: Hard

This is another chocolate island level which can be any theme as long as it withholds the "chocolate island" idea.

Claimed by Mario's Hat.


Mario's Hat


Sorry for lack of progress, I decided to change the design and atmosphere a bit, I'm now using 'cream chocolate' as quicksand in the level. I'm currently on the start of the level, and I will get some screens soon probably.
(also, offtopic, but I'm midway on the athletic skies level)

Mario's Hat, SMW Hacker, SMBX Level designer, and part of JDCGames collab.


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Alright cool. I can't wait to see some progress!

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